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Chen, Shan-Ken

Words of Director-General
Words of Director-General

Personnel administration is the basis of all government affairs and crucial for municipal works and development. With highly efficiency personnel services, we will support the government and its affiliated agencies to achieve organizational goals accurately. Based on the rational and effective use of the labor force and the cultivation of municipal construction talents, the Department of Personnel actively promotes the personnel business to fulfill the assistance responsibilities as the personnel expert.

Examining the demands of existing citizens and their expectations for government administration is becoming increasingly diverse and complex. Therefore, whether the central or local government formulates policies and administrative actions, we must uphold the innovative thinking and consideration of the public to meet people's needs. Also, only innovation can enhance the competitiveness of cities and construct sustainable development, provide its citizens with a high level of growth and quality of life, and maintain social fairness and justice.

We have formulated various policies with integrity, innovation, efficiency, and quality to implement the mayor's philosophy. In line with the vision of municipal development, the department has been actively cultivating the core competencies of human resources. Through strategic human resource management approaches such as flexible delegation, performance management, life-long learning, customer-oriented service, etc., the department operates on a "fair," "loyal," "professional," "efficient," and "caring" public service human resources system to ensure the organization's sustainable development and maximize people’s well-being.

Under the encouragement and guidance of the minister of Directorate-General of Personnel Administration of the Executive Yuan, the mayor, and supervisors at all levels, we firmly believe that with the above efforts and self-drive, we will be able to fulfill our mission as scheduled and with quality.

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  • Publish Date: 2015-07-28
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