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Words of Director-General

Words of Director-General
Words of Director-General

Chen, Shan-Ken

Message from the Director-general

Personnel Administration is the foundation of all government affairs and the key to municipal construction and development. As a professional agency of Taichung City Government, this Department of Personnel is responsible for rational and effective use of human resources and nurture talents for the city government and its various bureaus and agencies so as to achieve organizational goals.

Demands and expectations of the general public have been increasingly diverse and confusing. Therefore, civil servants in either the central or the local governments must be creative and innovative when formulating and/or implementing policies. Furthermore, it also takes creativity and innovation to enhance competitiveness and sustainable development for the city, so that people can enjoy economic growth, social fairness and justice, and high quality of life.

Mayor Lin has proclaimed his vision to create an "action-oriented government” striving for cleanness, openness, efficiency and quality. The key to reaching the vision is the quality of our civil servants. To cultivate the necessary human resources, this office will firstly focus on cultivation of core competencies of our civil servants by way of flexible authorization, performance management, lifelong learning and customer-oriented services. It is our aim to organize a "lean", "effective", and "innovative” manpower system for the city government so as to ensure its sustainable development and enhance the welfare of the people to the greatest extent.

Under the guidance and encouragement of Minister of Directorate-General of Personnel Administration of Executive Yuan, Mayor Lin of Taichung City Government, and upper-level superintendents, I am confident that my colleagues and I will do our best and timely fulfill our organizational missions.

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